Event Detalis

Feed the needy in an eco-friendly and healthy way. This event is designed to address three of the main problems facing our world today. Hunger, an unhealthy lifestyle, and plastic waste are part of the main problems facing our world today. Let's take proactive actions in raising awareness and reduce, if not resolve, the effects of these problems. WHEN? From January 2021 PA HEALTHY FEEDING will become a monthly event that global Donatetoaid Community Members can participate in as an organizer and attendees. HOW TO PARTICIPATE AS ORGANIZER?

  1. Create a free account to become DTA Community Member.
  2. Get verified so that we will know who you are.
  3. Signup for this event and/or others as an organizer.
  4. Feed the needy on the event day based on the given standard.
  5. Upload video and photos for voting.
  6. Your event may be voted as the winner and win prizes.
  7. All organizers will receive reward points.

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Contact us to get involved as an organizer, as a local or global sponsor, or to know more about Healthy Food Location in your community and how you can attend the event.
  • Speaker: NA
  • Organized by: Donatetoaid
  • Start: NA
  • Venue: Globally: at homes, restaurants, and event venues.
  • Phone: NA
  • Email: NA